Good To Go Leather

Marg, "Good To Go Leathers," aka "The Leather Lady," makes, sells, and repairs leather goods, jackets, chaps, etc.. and will sew your patches on your jackets. Check the calendar below for availability.





Leather Smith: Marg Williams Cell Phone: 352-989-6400

I am a third generation Leather Smith. I provide patch sewing (yours or mine), repair and alterations, zipper repair or replacement, custom fit on all types of leather or cloth wearing apparel, snaps, grommets, studding or hardware repair or replace, leather conditioning or cleaning, ride gear and wearing apparel sales, bike accessories & a long list of other services. For the past 18 years I’ve offered my services almost every Saturday & Sunday exclusively at either Gator or Stormy Hill Harley Davidson. Ask your fellow riders they will endorse my claim of excellent & reliable service at a very reasonable price.

                                                          JANUARY 2019

5 th & 6 th OFF -unexpected family matters

12 h & 13th – OFF-Cruise Vacation

19th & 20th - OFF --Cruise Vacation

26th & 27th - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson – Clermont, Florida- HOG MTG.

                                                          FEBRUARY 2019

2nd & 3rd - OFF

9th& 10thGator Harley Davidson-HOG Mtg & NAM KNIGHT BED RACE 

16th & 17th - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson - Clermont, Florida- SWAP MEET

23rd & 24th - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson – Clermont, Florida- HOG MTG.

                           MARCH 2019      DAYTONA BIKEWEEK 2019 DATES: March 8th-16th

2ND & 3RD - OFF

9th& 10th- Gator Harley Davidson - Leesburg, Florida- HOG MTG.

16th & 17th - Gator Harley Davidson - Leesburg, Florida St Baldricks’ Event

23rd & 24th - -Gator Harley Davidson - Leesburg, Florida- Women’s Day Conference

30TH-31st - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson – Clermont, Florida- HOG MTG & Craft Beer Event

APRIL 2019                 LEESBURG BIKEFEST APRIL 25th-28th

6th & 7th- OFF

13th & 14th– Gator Harley Davidson - Leesburg, Florida- HOG MTG./ Bikers for Autism ride 

20th - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson – Clermont, Florida- Easter Hunt- CLOSED 21ST 

25th through 28th - Gator Harley Davidson-Leesburg Bikefest

MAY 2019

4th & 5th - OFF

          11th& 12th- Gator Harley Davidson- Leesburg, Florida/HOG MTG./Mother’s Day Special

18th& 19th - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson - Clermont, Florida - Memorial Ride

25th & 26th - Stormy Hill Harley Davidson – Clermont, Florida- HOG MTG

JUNE 2019

1st & 2ND - OFF

8th& 9th- Stormy Hill Harley Davidson - 17th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 

15th – 16th Gator Harley Davidson- Leesburg, Florida Father’s Day Specials

22nd & 23rd – Stormy Hill Harley Davidson –Fishing Seminar

29th & 30thGator Harley Davidson- Leesburg, Florida Classic Car Cruise In

***Dates subject to change based on dealership or HOG Chapter Events not yet determined***