Older Bike Labor Policy

Model Year 2001 & Earlier Model Motorcycles

We love older motorcycles, but let’s be honest about the reality of owning an older machine. Older motorcycles are more involved and expensive than you might first expect.

There are many unknowns with older motorcycles. We will do our best to inspect the conditions of your machine and its parts, but without rebuilding your entire bike, every nut and bolt, we cannot guarantee that your bike isn’t going to have the same problem again.

Our hourly rate is for an hour of time spent with your bike, regardless of the nature of that labor. Fighting rust to remove a part or toiling over broken and stripped bolts count towards this time. We will use every minute of that billed hour to work towards the best solution for your machine. If something breaks while performing the work necessary on the bike, it is not a result of our negligence but rather the age and condition of the parts.

We make no guarantees on the availability of parts for the older motorcycles. Parts can be challenging. Some bikes are relatively easy to get parts for, while others are just impossible.

In closing, we will do our best to ensure the work completed on your bike is done properly and to factory specification. We here at Stormy Hill Harley-Davidson, reserve the right to stop working on a bike at any point in time while the bike is in our shop. You as a customer, also reserves the right to remove the bike at any point in time of work being done at the shop. In both cases, all parts and labor costs will be due before the release of the bike. Storage charges, if applicable, will be addressed with our customers and applied on a case by case basis at the discretion of our staff.

If all parties agree on the terms above, let the work begin!


Service Department Team